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Patient Registration

Registering as a new patient at Deer Ridge Periodontics is simple, secure, and hassle-free. Our online registration form is user-friendly and accessible from any device. Rest assured that your personal information is encrypted and kept strictly confidential.
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What To Expect​

Our registration process is quick and straightforward. You will be asked to provide your contact information, medical history, and insurance details. Your information will only be used to deliver the highest quality healthcare and will be handled with the utmost care and privacy.

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Payment Options

We will strive to make the financial portion of your visit as easy as possible. We are a fee for service practice accepting a variety of payment options.

Dentist Referral

Referring to Deer Ridge Periodontics is easy with our simple on-line referral format. The information provided is secure and we will contact your patient in a timely manner to arrange an appointment.

Map of Deer Ridge Kitchener Location

Kitchener - New Location!

296 Highland Rd E, Unit 1
Kitchener, ON N2M 3W4

Deer Ridge Periodontics and Dr. Angela Waciuk are pleased to announce that we are upgrading to a new and more spacious facility to better serve you.

While we will have a slightly new look, we will continue to provide all the same great services.

Everything else will remain unchanged, including our phone number and the friendly faces you’ve come to know.

Starting on October 25, 2023, ALL Kitchener appointments will be scheduled at our new office.